I love turning an idea into reality, whether is digital or using my arts & crafts skills to create prototypes.

Sorry Not Sorry

Rick's Tiny Violin Box

Climate Change Snow Globes

Environmental Awareness Snow Globes

ECO-Piggy bank

Eco-Piggy bank is reducing/eliminating waste.

After seeing my nieces and nephews going through MANY piggy banks, I wanted to find an ECO-friendly solution. Eco-piggybank not only reduces waste, but it also allows kids to experiment by turning a liquid into a solid phase and ultimately teaching them personal responsibility to the world.

Sweet Pranks

Swedish Fish visits school campus during finals.

Finals can be stressful, and I wanted to take a little stress away from my peers so they can keep being creative.

Paper Clip + Art Center

Sometimes creatives & designers need a little inspiration.


Interaction Design

Illustration// Doodles

Graphic Design

Product Design

Environmental Design

Why a paperclip? If we could inspire with the most mundane object, we could do it with anything.
When designing the paperclip for creatives/designers my goal was to customize it according to each major.
The paperclip's purpose is to inspire creatives when they feel stuck or burned out.